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Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Facing an injury or disability claim for the first time can be a frightening experience. The staff of The Law Offices of Stanley Pasternak has more than 35 years of experience helping injured people. Feel free to call us anytime. Stanley Pasternak, a local lawyer practicing in Toronto, will speak with you personally. You will not be transferred back and forth from one assistant to another. We’ve compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions below, but feel free to call us anytime to speak to our team directly.

When should I call a lawyer?
Call a lawyer right away. Call us before you speak to the insurance company. Stanley Pasternak will speak to you personally. Your consultation is free. He will listen to you. He will advise you of your legal rights and tell you about the strengths of your claim.

The insurance adjuster told me I don’t need a lawyer. Should I get one?
Yes. The insurance adjuster knows the insurance company is better off if you don’t have a lawyer. The insurance adjuster knows that your lawyer will fight to get you more money than you could get yourself.

How long will my case take to complete?
Each case is different. Each case has twists and turns. More complicated cases with more serious injuries can take 2 to 4 years or more. Fast settlements are often bad settlements. The healing process after a serious injury can take several years. Only then can we properly determine the value of your claim.

The insurance company has cut off my short term and long term disability benefits. What should I do?
Call Stanley Pasternak, he will evaluate your case without charge. He will advise you whether or not the insurance company was wrong to deny you or cut off your benefits. He will advise you what can be done to restore your benefits.

What if my disability claim is disputed?
A disability case can hinge on the medical evidence that is presented, but there are other factors at play as well. The time limits to a claim can also complicate things. Don't take it on alone. Let Stanley Pasternak help you navigate the complexities these claims can present.

What kinds of accidents and insurance claims might make me eligible for compensation?
Any kind of accident or insurance claim that results in injury, disability, inability to work or death makes compensation possible. Some examples are:

  • All types of injury, death, disability and insurance company claims
  • Automobile accident injuries
  • Insurance disability benefit claims
  • Injuries from trips, falls and unsafe or dangerous premises
  • Injuries from defective or dangerous products
  • Injuries caused by the carelessness or negligence of others
  • Wrongfully denied insurance company claims

How much compensation can I expect to receive for my injury?
The amount of compensation that you will be eligible to claim depends on a number of factors such as the seriousness of the injuries, the value of the loss of income, loss of household services, medical and therapy expenses, impact of the injuries on other family members, etc. Stanley Pasternak will carefully evaluate every aspect of your claim to make sure that every aspect of your claim is maximized.
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