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Learn More About Stanley Pasternak, Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto

Stanley Pasternak, a personal injury lawyer in Toronto
Stanley Pasternak is a Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto, Practicing for More Than 35 Years
Ontario law regarding personal injury and disability claims is complex and often overwhelming in the wake of a serious injury. Fortunately, you can partner with Stanley Pasternak, a personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Stanley Pasternak, to help you navigate insurance, disability, or personal injury claims.

Get to Know Stanley Pasternak
Stanley Pasternak attended the University of Toronto Law School. After his graduation in 1975, he was called to the Ontario Bar in 1977.

His practice is restricted to seeking settlements in personal injury, disability, and insurance cases. He is active in the legal community and serves as a member of the following organizations:

Stanley Pasternak’s cases have been featured in Law Times and the Toronto Star. He has published articles in the Litigator, the Journal of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and presented at several trial lawyer conferences.

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